We help individuals and businesses find verified tax and accounting professionals.

We Can All Use a Little Help

Finding that help shouldn’t be difficult. Our core mission is assisting individuals and businesses in finding exactly the help they need. Users can quickly and efficiently search local tax and accounting professionals that are proficient in their specific areas of need. We go the extra mile to verify every professional in our network, so our users can find a professional they can trust.

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Where We're From / Who We Service

TaxHeaven/TaxHell is headquartered in Oconomowoc, WI. Our current service area spans our home state of Wisconsin, as well as Illinois to our south. New accounting and tax professionals are being added to the network all the time, and our coverage area will soon extend throughout the midwest and beyond.

TaxHeaven service area.

Gary Kohlenberg, CEO

As a practicing CPA himself, TaxHeaven & TaxHell founder and CEO Gary Kohlenberg started the company after noticing many of his own clients were asking for referrals for specialized services. This reliance on referrals seemed unnecessary, and the idea to create an easily searchable network of verified tax and accounting professionals was born.

Gary Kohleberg, CEO and founder of TaxHeaven.

Two Sites, One Goal

Not everyone is in the same place with their financial planning or tax situation, but we all deserve professionals we can trust. TaxHeaven serves users in need of more traditional tax services and financial planning, while TaxHell assists users that need advanced help with back taxes, negotiations with the IRS and other serious tax concerns.

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